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Successful School Project

RagBags Fiji was initially set up as a school project by friends Anika and Mercedes. It started small in March 2014 with the production of bags made out of recycled clothes, something new known as "upcycling". It has grown into a small business, run and managed 100% by 18 year old Anika Taylor.

Anika is an impressive young lady, balancing studies with running the business; she won the ‘Young Achiever of the Year’ award at the Women in Business Awards Dinner in March last year.

Anika and Mercedes officially started the business in early 2014 having been given the opportunity by their school to come up with a business idea. Since it was a school project, they were some requirements they had to satisfy such as: legally register the business, set up a proper bank account, market their product, create a website, make a profit of at least one cent, and then at the end of the project hand in a formal AGM report.

"Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded" - WordPress.com.

Whilst working towards completing their school requirements, Anika and Mercedes were fortunate to be exposed to many unexpected opportunities to grow and expand their little business. For example TV and newspaper interviews, participating in the Fiji Fashion Week, creating proper tags, labels, business cards, hiring people to work for them and many more aspects to running a business.

They have learnt valuable lessons about business (and life) that they most definitely would not have been able to properly learn and understand in a class room alone (e.g.- how to deal with customers, how to bargain, be creative and work with what you have got, see the potential of something when it seems like it is nothing, manage your time).

All in all, RagBags Fiji began as a small school project, and became an open door to wonderful experiences, beautiful memories and lifelong lessons.

RagBags Now

It is no longer a school project, supplying bags to myFijiStore for international sale and marketing, as well as two retailing outlets in Fiji. To cope with their increasing orders, they are engaging a combination of artisans ranging from cottage industries to factories. Anika is diversifying into coin purses and wallets - we hope to showcase them soon on myFijiStore.

Anika from RagBags Fiji

About: Anika Taylor

Anika never intended to set up her own business at the age of 17. Her school project was a runaway success, inspiring Anika to keep working on the business in addition to her studies. Anika's energy and enthusiasm is contagious - she continues to work hard on RagBags Fiji, with new designs and products in the pipeline.

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