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Christmas Delivery Gift Guide 2022

Fiji Christmas Delivery Gifts. Shop online at My Fiji Store

Christmas Delivery Gift Guide 2022

With Christmas coming up, I've created a range of Fiji Christmas Delivery gifts that can be easily ordered online for delivery in Fiji. They make a lovely Christmas Gift for loved ones, family, friends or colleagues who are living in Fiji or visiting Fiji over Christmas. One of the positives of Covid hardships and physical barriers was that a lot more people got into shopping online - yippee! People based overseas wanted to gift loved ones in Fiji, which was really lovely when we were all separated by border closures and couldn't see each other. Even now people overseas want to gift in Fiji. That's why I created the 'Fiji Delivery Gift' section and sourced beautiful gifts - mostly Fiji-made- that can be ordered online and delivered in Fiji. Gifting online is a really nice way to show someone you're thinking of them, and the gift recipients love the effort especially when it's a surprise gift delivery that comes with a hand-written gift note.

Choose from yummy Food Hampers, Chocolate, Flower Bouquets, Beauty Products, Plants, Bubble Balloons, Sweet Treats, Indian Sweets, Toys, Candles, Books, Greeting Cards and more. It gives me a lot of joy to help people send beautiful gifts to loved ones in Fiji - it's a very touching and thoughtful gift. It's so easy to order online at My Fiji Store, just add items to the Cart, click on 'Checkout', fill in your gift note text and delivery address, complete payment via Credit Card or PayPal and that's it, the My Fiji Store team will do the rest.

Below you'll find best-sellers from last Christmas as well as some new Christmas Gift ideas. These gifts are for delivery in Fiji - for Worldwide Delivery please browse the 'Worldwide Delivery' section. Each gift comes with a handwritten note card for a special message - this really makes the gift personalised and special. Fiji Delivery gifts are usually a surprise for the gift recipient and it makes their day. You can even choose to send a gift anonymously. Have a look below at my top picks for Christmas Delivery in Fiji - you can click on the image link or find these items in the 'Christmas' category. Please bear in mind that i'm a small business and get really busy at Christmas, so if you'd like a Fiji Christmas Deliver please order it online soon. Happy Holidays and Gifting :-)

1) Christmas Treats Mini Gift Pack

  • Fiji Christmas Treats Mini Gift Pack

    This is a Mini Gift pack with 4 Gingerbread cookies, 1 Peppermint Slice & a Chocolate Fudge pack of 4. The Christmas Treats Mini Gift Pack makes a yummy Christmas-themed gift for any budget. Send as-is or add items from our Christmas or Fiji Delivery Gifts sections.


2) Fiji themed Christmas Cards

  • Fiji Christmas Card delivered in Fiji with your handwritten message inside. Shop online at My Fiji Store

    We have 4 beautiful Christmas Cards designed and made in Fiji. Choose your favourite, add your Gift Note text in the cart and that's a really lovely personal touch for a Christmas Gift Delivery.


  • 3) Christmas Tropical Flower Bouquet

    Fiji Christmas Tropical Flower Bouquet delivered in Fiji. Order online at My Fiji Store

    Our stunning Tropical Bouquet features Orchids, Gingers and Heliconias. For Christmas we add a green and red Christmas ribbon to give it some extra sparkle. Flowers are our most popular gift, and everyone loves receiving them! A simple yet beautiful gift to make someone's day.

  • The Bouquet pictured is a double bouquet, choose from our Tropical Bouquet or 5 Spray Orchid Bouquet. For a double bouquet simply order 2 bouquets of your choice and specify you'd like it as 1 large double bouquet in the Notes section of the Cart.



  • 4) Viti Dolls

    Viti Dolls made in Fiji. Shop online at My Fiji Store

    We have a lovely range of Children's Toys made here in Fiji - choose from many beautiful options such as Viti Dolls, Turtles and Bears. The Viti Dolls are really popular with children who've visited Fiji as they remind them of the lovely Fijian ladies they met in Fiji. We also have light-skinned Isa Dolls, browse our Dolls section.

    Browse all Toys here.



  • 5) Christmas Cupcakes, Macaroons & Chocolate Gift Boxes

    Fiji Christmas Cupcakes, Macaroons & Chocolates. Order online at My Fiji Store

    This is one of our classic gift sets, customised for Christmas. Simply order the Cupcakes, Macaroons and Chocolate Gift Box and we'll theme it for Christmas. This is a yummy tasting box that delights every time.

  • Please note that we don't display wines online but they are available. If you'd like to add Wine or Champagne to your Christmas Gift please Contact us.


  • 6) Suva Dessert Box

    Christmas Suva Dessert Box delivered in Fiji. Shop online at My Fiji Store

    Another yummy food gift, this selection makes your tastebuds tingle! Featuring Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Chocolate Truffles, Lemon Slice, Carrot Cake, Coconut Muffins, Brownies, Donut, ANZAC Cookies and Double-Chocolate Cookies. That's a lot of yumminess in one box and makes a wonderful gift!


  • 7) Merry Christmas Bubble Balloon

    Fiji Merry Christmas Bubble Balloon delivered in Fiji. Shop online at My Fiji Store

    With the writing 'Merry Christmas' in red this Bubble Balloon is a great way to decorate your home or add a bit of bling to your Christmas gift. Available in red or gold writing for 'Merry Christmas'. Comes with green and red mini-balloons, can be customised. Contact us if you'd like this customised.


  • 8) Foodie Condiments Gift Set

    Fiji Christmas Foodie Condiments Gift Set. Fiji Sea Salt & Fiji Bongo Chilli Sauce. Order online at My Fiji Store

    This is a great Christmas gift for food lovers! Super yummy and healthy Fiji Sea Salt is packed full of essential minerals. It's natural, sustainable and Vegan. Then we have Fiji Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce - a must to add a some subtle heat to any dish. I love it on pizza - adds a great kick! This is a great gift for someone who likes trying new food items and it goes well with so many dishes making them extra delicious.


  • 9) Hand & Foot Lotion Set

    Fiji Beauty Products - Hand & Foot Lotion. Shop online at My Fiji Store

    This is a brand new gift set from one of our favourite Crafters - Fiji Spice Queen. Formulated with lovely ingredients to take care of hands and feet. It's a great unisex gift and really handy to have around in your bag, car, office or home. Hydrate skin on the go, go on, you're worth it!



  • 10) Christmas-themed Foodie Gift Hampers

    Fiji Christmas Foodie Hamper delivered in Fiji. Shop online at My Fiji Store Why not go big and treat someone to a Foodie Gift Hamper? Available in Medium or Large, depending on how many people it's for. This is a really lovely Gift Hamper with a selection of delicious items, making the recipients feel really special. The cupcakes and macaroons will be themed for Christmas.

    The Foodie Hamper includes:

    1. Macaroons
    2. Vanilla Cupcakes
    3. Chocolate Chip Muffins
    4. Cookie selection
    5. Chocolate Fudge


  • 11) Customised Framed Photo

    Fiji Photo Frame with your photo inside

    Have a great memory or photo you'd like to share with someone this Christmas? No problem, we can print and frame your photo and deliver it with your hand-written note - please make sure you give us enough time as your photo needs to be printed. This is a really unique, thoughtful Christmas gift that is simple but can be enjoyed forever. Share those beautiful moments with loved ones in Fiji :-)


  • 12) Coconut Shell Scented Candles

    Fiji Coconut Shell Soy Candles, scented in Peach, Coconut, Sandalwood or Lemongrass. Order online at My Fiji Store

    These cute Coconut Shell Soy candles smell amazing and give out strong tropical vibes as they come in a beautiful coconut shell with stand. Available in 4 scents - Peach, Coconut, Sandalwood and Lemongrass. The peach is my personal favourite but they all smell great! Pictured here is the small size, they're also available in Medium or Large. See these and other beautiful Fiji Candles in our Candle section.


  • 13) Orchid or Anthurium Potted Plant

    Fiji Orchid Potted Plant delivered in Fiji. Shop online at My Fiji Store

    Why not go for a classic, natural gift and choose a Potted Plant rather than a flower bouquet? This is a beautiful gift that will bring joy to the gift recipient for much longer than a Flower Bouquet will. Choose between the Orchid plant (colour varies based on availability) or a red Anthurium plant. Luckily we have lots of beautiful plants in Fiji :-)


  • 14) Fiji Turtles

    Sea Stars hand-painted Art by Sigavou Studios

    These cute Fijian Turtles or Vonu make a great gift for children. Pictured is a selection ordered by a customer for delivery to a Denarau Resort - they were ordered for 5 little boys who absolutely loved them! Available in a few different colours, choose your favourites.



For a Fiji Christmas Delivery Gift please order online as soon as possible. Orders close on Tuesday 20th December 2022. For people overseas we have items that ship worldwide, please browse the Worldwide Delivery Gifts section or Contact Us if you need help.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season :-)

Warm Regards,


Founder, My Fiji Store