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Fiji Christmas Gift & Souvenir Guide

Christmas Gifts from the Fiji Islands - My Fiji Store

Getting Christmas gifts from Fiji isn’t usually the first thought that comes to mind! Traditionally a holiday destination with white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, Fiji is becoming known for its high-quality products such as Fiji Water, Pure Fiji and an increasing range of tropical Beauty products.

My Fiji Store Gift baskets

There are some stunning Fiji-made gifts if you know where to look... at My Fiji Store we source the best of the best from luxury Fiji Chocolate to unique Art, Jewellery and hand-made Clay souvenirs. With free shipping worldwide, ordering online at is quick and easy.

Here’s a run-down of our top gifts by Crafter. We hope you like them!

  • 1) My Ocean Home Fiji by Tui’s Gang.

    My Ccean Home Fiji - beach page2 | My Fiji Store

    Hands-down our best-selling Children's Book.

    Beautifully illustrated by author and Artist Penelope Casey.


  • 2) Coconut Hair & Body Oil by Fiji Spice Queen

    Coconut Hair & Body Oil by Fiji Spice Queen - My Fiji Store

    A renewing balance of six exotic oils. Dilo defies gravity, organic Fijian Coconut intensely hydrates, Macadamia regenerates cells, Avocado plumps and Moringa is an ever-potent antioxidant included in some of the best anti-ageing creams in the world. Top it all off with Papaya Seed oil, healing and soothing to skin and scalp.


  • 3) Fiji Dried Pineapple by Maleka Garden Fiji

    Fiji Dried Pineapple by Maleka Garden Fiji - My Fiji Store Christmas Gift Guide

    The newest addition to our ‘Farmer’s Market’ section. This wonderfully fresh and natural dried pineapple is full of Fiji sunshine! Lovingly made by hand with no added sugar - 100% Fiji pineapple with nothing added to it.


  • 4) Luxury Fiji Chocolate by Fijiana Cacao

    Luxury Chocolate by Fijiana Cacao - My Fiji Store Chirstmas Gift Guide

    This single-origin organic chocolate is truly delicious. Now available in 100% Cacao content, Kava and Sea Salt Sesame.

  • The first consignment of Trinidad Cacao beans came by ship to Fiji in 1883, a long voyage across the sea from the Royal Botanical Garden of England (now known as Kew Gardens). 


  • 5) Art by Sigavou Studios

    Pasifika hand-painted Art by Sigavou Studios

    This Pasifika painting is one of a pair, celebrating emblems of Fiji’s forests and seas. Traditional legends feature many of the animals found in Fiji’s reefs, explaining how they got there, or attributing magical powers to them.


  • 6) Glass necklaces by Hot Glass Fiji

    Glass Necklaces by Hot Glass Fiji

    Hand-blown glass necklaces inspired by the colours of Fiji! Seascape, Turtleshell, Ocean Wave and Pandanus... 


  • 7) Hand-made souvenirs by Vanua Clay Fiji

    Fish soap dishes by Vanua Clay Fiji

    Pacific inspired soap dishes, to brighten up any bathroom :-)


  • 8) Green Frangipani by Epi Dakua

    Green Frangipani Art by Epi Dakua

    Epi Dakua is a Fijian Artist known for his colourful floral paintings and scenes of Fiji life. Here is his Green Frangipani


  • 9) Embroidered Bag by RagBags Fiji

    Embroidered Bucket Bag by RagBags Fiji

    These lovely bags are 'upcycled' using Fiji fabrics, giving a stylish island range of colourful bags for any occasion.


  • 10) Mother of Pearl earrings by Rako Pasefika

    Sea Stars hand-painted Art by Sigavou Studios

    Rako Pasefika create beautiful, unique jewellery made from natural materials such as Mother of Pearl, Coconut shell, Vau and Pandanus.


  • 11) Hand-made Coffee Scrub by SeaStarz Naturals

    Handmade Coffee Scrub by Sea Starz Naturals

    One of our favourite beauty products, this hand-made scrub will leave you with glowing, smooth skin! Made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils, this is a wonderful skincare treat.


If you feel inspired to order Fiji gifts for Christmas then please order by 4th December as shipping can take 2 to 3 weeks in the holiday season.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season :-)

Warm Regards,

The My Fiji Store team