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Nama Fiji Skincare Gift Sets delivered in Fiji.

Make someone's day with a thoughtful skincare gift that will unveil the secrets to radiant skin - a Nama Fiji Skincare Gift Set made from Nama Sea Grapes. It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Found flourishing on the ocean floors, nestled among coral reefs or perched upon sturdy rocks, Nama Sea Grapes have been a staple in Fijian households for generations. Renowned for its abundant reserves of minerals and vitamins, Nama has rightfully earned the distinguished title of the "longevity seaweed."

What sets Nama apart is its exceptional concentration of trace mineral elements and ionic mineral salts, surpassing that of other seaweed varieties. These extraordinary properties translate into deeply penetrating hydration at the intracellular level, ensuring long-lasting moisturization like no other. Your skin will be nourished from within, unveiling a natural radiance that defies time.

It's time to immerse yourself in a skincare journey that uplifts communities, cherishes our planet, and unveils the breath-taking potential of your skin. Nama Fiji welcomes you to a world where nature, sustainability, and beauty converge harmoniously.

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