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Palm Tree Tapa Champagne Flute

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Palm Tree Tapa Rhinestone Champagne flute

With approximately 263 rhinestones, this Palm Tree Champagne flute really is straight from Paradise! It's a unique memento of Fiji, adding a tropical twist to your celebrations. The rhinestones catch the light perfectly, making the glass shine and sparkle.

The Champagne flute is decorated with a Palm Tree in green and brown/gold rhinestones on the bowl. The foot of the glass is decorated with a Tapa design, in silver and gold rhinestones.

Each of the 200 plus rhinestones are applied by hand, a process which takes several hours and requires professional training. Beautifully designed and crafted by Mika, the Palm Tree design is a beautiful souvenir of Fiji. Perfect for Weddings, special occasions and as a gift to be treasured.

In the same range we have the 'Princess' Champagne flute which has approximately 144 rhinestones and the 'Initial' Champagne flute which has approx. 100 rhinestones depending on the 'initial' selected.


Crafter/ArtisanGlitter Fiji
ProductPalm Tree Tapa Rhinestone Champagne Flute
DetailsClassic Champagne Flute design featuring strengthened rim and foot. Approx. 830 Rhinestones applied by hand
Capacity6 oz.
DimensionsHeight 8 1/2 inches, bottom diameter 2 3/4 inches, top diameter 2 inches
MaterialGlass with rhinestones on bowl and foot