Noni Pure Dark Luxury Chocolate by Fijiana Cacao

Noni Pure Dark Chocolate



Noni Milk Chocolate

Luxury Chocolate bar made from organically grown premium cacao beans - harvested and handcrafted in Fiji. This Noni Pure Dark Chocolate has a fresh Noni fruit taste. All ingredients including the organic Noni Powder are sourced from Fiji.

The Fijiana Cacao Story

In 1883, the Royal Botanical Garden of England shipped its very first consignment of Trinidad cacao seeds to the South Seas. Since then, cacao has grown wild in Fiji's remote rainforests. Today, our local farmers are organically growing premium cacao, which we turn into pure, single origin dark chocolate at our island factory. Dedicated to Farmers and eco-friendly practices.

Each bar is lovingly handcrafted before it takes its final journey to you.


Crafter/ArtisanFijiana Cacao
ProductNoni Pure Dark Chocolate. Fresh Noni fruit taste
IngredientsCacao beans, Raw cane sugar, Cocoa Butter, Noni fruits powder. Cocoa solid: 55% min & Pure cacao butter. May contain trace of tree nuts and peanuts, milk and egg proteins and gluten.
Nutritional FactsTotal Fat 17.3g, Saturated Fat 10.0g, Cholesterol 0.0g, Sodium 0.3mg, Total Carbohydrates 33.2g, Dietary Fiber 4.0g, Sugars 27.5g, Protein 2.0g
Serving size55g net (1.94 oz)