Mother of Pearl circular drop earrings by Rako Pasefika

Mother of Pearl circular drop earrings



Beautiful and unique, these Fijian Mother of Pearl earrings make a great gift from paradise!

These Circular Drop earrings are hand-made by Rako Pasefika using Mother Of Pearl shells which are attached together with waxed thread. The Mother of Pearl shells are sourced from the North of Fiji. The waxed thread is cut and burnt at each end and joined by pressing the 2 ends together. After attaching all shells together with the thread, the jump rings and sterling silver hooks are added to finish of the piece. It might sound easy, but each Rako Pasefika Crafter has been trained and has specialist skills to create each of these beautiful hand-made pieces. 

Customs-friendly jewellery

Even though Rako use natural Fijian materials to create their stunning pieces, they have carefully designed each piece so that the materials used have no customs restrictions. Each piece of Coconut and Mother of Pearl shell has been carefully processed - this means it has been sanded, oiled and polished.

The only materials that have customs restrictions are feathers, Clam Shell, Red Vaivai seeds and any other seeds. That's why none of the Rako jewellery contains these items. These are truly special, hand-made pieces that are unique to Fiji and Rako's Rotuman roots. 


Crafter/ArtisanRako Pasefika
Made fromMother of Pearl shells and waxed thread from The Fiji Islands, sterling silver hoops
SizeEach necklace has 8 MOP discs which are 1.5cm in diameter, and 3 MOP discs which are 1cm in diameter. Length of necklace from hoop to bottom of MOP discs is 10cm
No Customs restrictionsThe Mother of Pearl shells have been 'processed'. This means that they have been sanded, oiled and polished. These MOP earrings are ready to be shipped to you with no issue

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