Milk Chocolate Paradise gift box by Fijiana Cacao

Milk Chocolate Paradise Giftbox

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The 'Milk Chocolate Paradise' Chocolate gift box contains four of our delicious luxury chocolate bars. It's ideal as a gift for Christmas for those who like Milk Chocolate.

There are four Milk Chocolate bars in the selection:

  • Christmas Island Seasalt Nib Bar
  • Noni Pure Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 48% Milk Chocolate Bar
  • 55% Milk Chocolate Bar


Milk Chocolate bars

The Christmas Island Seasalt Nib, Noni Pure Dark Chocolate and 55% bars are made from organically grown premium cacao beans with minimum 55% cocoa solid - harvested and handcrafted in Fiji. The 48% bar, wonderfully smooth and delicious, has a slightly lower cocoa solid content.

All four bars contain fine-ground Fiji Cacao Beans, Pure Fiji Cocoa Butter, raw Fiji Cane Sugar and milk powder.

The Christmas Island Seasalt Nib gets its wonderful taste from the addition of Seasalt and Kombu Seaweed.

The Noni bar has a fresh Noni taste from Fijian Noni fruit powder.


Crafter/ArtisanFijiana Cacao
ProductOur 4 Milk Chocolate bars: Christmas Island Seasalt Nib, Noni Pure Dark Chocolate, 48% Milk Chocolate, 55% Milk Chocolate
DetailsEach 55g bar has been made using pure ingredients from the Fiji Islands