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Crafter/ArtisanSeaStarz Naturals
ProductMen's Natural Skincare Box
Gift contentsSea Salt & Lemongrass Soap, 'Free Spirit' Natural Deodorant, Anti-aging Eye Contour Serum, 'Vitality Factor' Body Butter

Men's Natural Skincare Box



This Fiji Natural Skincare Box was created especially for men as a Father's Day Gift. It features 4 handmade products to cleanse, deodorise, nourish and protect skin including an anti-ageing Eye Serum and Dilo Oil Body Butter. The Gift Box comes with your personal message handwritten on a a greeting card by award-winning artist Penelope Casey. The natural skincare products are handmade fresh by Sea Starz Naturals in Fiji, one small batch at a time.

Men's Natural Skincare Box contains:

  • Sea Salt Detox Soap with essential oils of Lemongrass and Cedarwood
  • Natural Deodorant Happy Armpits 'Free Spirit'
  • Anti-aging Eye Contour Firming Serum
  • Vitality Factor Body Butter with healing Dilo Oil - perfect for moisturising rough areas and after shaving
  • Greeting Card by award-winning artist Penelope Casey with your handwritten message inside

Sea Salt Detox Soap

The Sea Salt Detox soap is handcrafted using Fijian Salt from South Seas Salt and essential oils of Lemongrass and Cedarwood. It smells heavenly, had a rich lather and is great for exfoliating, detoxing and moisturising skin. It leaves skin soft and smooth.

Sea Salt Soap is a great moisturiser and exfoliator; and it's a natural detoxifier absorbing toxins from the skin. Sea Salt is gentle and rich in minerals which are good for the body.

Each soap is lovingly hand-made using natural ingredients, with a four week curing process.

Free Spirit Natural Deodorant

'Free Spirit' is a new fragrance of the Natural Deodorant handmade by Sea Starz Naturals. It is a more unisex fragrance, popular with men, as it contains Frankincense, Tea Tree and Amyris essential Oils.

Happy Armpits cream-deodorant will help you feel comfortable, refreshed, and in a way healthier. It doesn't block your body's natural way of cooling down and detoxification - perspiration.

It is gentle on your skin. It DOESN'T contain aluminium, preservatives, drying baking soda; NO artificial fragrances and colorants.

No need to block your sweat ducts with aluminum based products that are reducing perspiration.

The less synthetic chemicals we apply on the body every day, the better it will function in the long run.

"Sweat it all out" without smelling all out!

Loving Happy Armpits is handmade by Sea Starz Naturals in the Pristine Fiji Islands. This cream-deodorant comes with a delicate aroma of Frankincense, Tea Tree and Amyris essential oils


♡handmade natural deodorant
healthy skin
happy armpits
love your body
•aluminium free • no baking soda
•no synthetic fragrances
•no colorants • no preservatives
•Frankincense essential oil
•Tea Tree essential oil
•Amyris essential oil
•clay • diatomaceous earth
•arrowroot •coconut oil
•mct •milk of magnesia

Anti-aging Eye Contour Serum

This specially formulated Eye Contour Firming Serum is handmade using carefully selected natural ingredients to moisturise and maintain the eye area, nourishing the delicate eye area and smoothing out wrinkles. It comes in a convenient roll-on bottle. The main ingredients are: White Lupin Seed Extract, Rosehip, Red Raspberry, Pomegranate, Almond, Jojoba oils. Essential oils of Carrot Seed and Ylang-Ylang. For best results, apply morning and evening to cleansed skin.

Vitality Factor

This Essential Oils Body Butter 'Vitality Factor' is great for nourishing, soothing and regenerating skin. Made with healing Dilo Oil, Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Moringa Seed Oil, Frankincense and Lemongrass essential oils. Handmade in Fiji, can be used on face and body. Leaves skin nourished and full of vitality.

Sea Starz Naturals directions for use:

Apply gently to skin avoiding the eye area. Revitalising, Regenerating and Replenishing.

Your skin will feel silky, smooth and nourished. Great for hands, feet, knees, elbows, healing bites and fading scars.

Vitality Factor can be used daily to moisturise skin.


Crafter/ArtisanSeaStarz Naturals
ProductMen's Natural Skincare Box
Gift contentsSea Salt & Lemongrass Soap, 'Free Spirit' Natural Deodorant, Anti-aging Eye Contour Serum, 'Vitality Factor' Body Butter