Life by Epi Dakua Fiji


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This piece is about portraying life in Fiji. Not the perfect, tourist version of Bula smiles and fun; people at work and at play, showing that there is more to Fijian people and life in Fiji.  

"The reason why i picked the silhouettes is because i wanted to have that contrast with the background, so that the story is being told in the painting.

It's a more abstract coloured background, with little stick figures like a silhouette. There's a girl in a swing, people climbing up a hill, someone on a bicycle, someone fishing. Life in Fiji is always colourful like the background. It's not all just fun though, people have to work and do other things. 

I wanted to portray something more thought provoking. People have to work, it's not just a holiday destination where you sit back and relax like you're a millionaire. At the end of the day Fijians have to do something, they have kids to support whilst also living their lives; they love sports, everything is fun in Fiji. Vibrant colours always reflect Fiji."



Crafter/ArtisanEpi Dakua
Artwork typePainting
MediumAcrylics on Pakko fabric board, hand painted
Dimensions12 x 24 inches (1 foot wide by 2 feet tall), 30.48 wide x 60.96 cm high
CopyrightAll images and text © Epi Dakua