Green Frangipani by Epi Dakua Fiji

Green Frangipani



Frangipani is one of Fiji's native flowers. Epi wanted to create something different that is rarely made, so he painted a green Frangipani. There's a lovely story behind the flower, part of Fijian folk tales. This is the story of the Frangipani in the words of the artist:

"Back in the days when our forefathers first landed in Fiji, they came to Viti Levu and from there they dispersed to spread out and fill the land.

One of the family members planned to go up north to Vanua Levu with his wife. Right before they left, the chief (his grandfather) gave him a branch of the Frangipani tree. The chief told the couple "the first place you get to you plant this in remembrance of us."

So the couple left in their canoe, travelling by sea all the way to Vanua Levu with the branch of Frangipani given to them by the chief. 

Vanua Levu, Fiji's second largest island has 3 provinces: Bua (in the west), Macuatu (in the north-east) and Cakaudrove (in the south-east). Bua is actually the place where the couple first inhabited - Bua is the Fijian name for Frangipani. The Bua people in Vanua Levu are said to be the first inhabitants of the island." 


Crafter/ArtisanEpi Dakua
TitleGreen Frangipani
Artwork typePainting
MediumAcrylics on Pakko fabric board, hand painted
Dimensions12 x 12 inches (1 foot squared), 30.48 x 30.48cm
CopyrightAll images and text © Epi Dakua