Fiji Cushion cover - Fiji Islander design - by Sonam Sapra

Fiji Islander Cushion cover



Fiji Islander Cushion Cover

This hand-drawn print by Sonam Sapra was inspired by Fiji's beautiful landscape. It features a gold leaf design with the text 'Fiji Islander' on the front.

Made from luxurious, thick material in shades of purple and blue, this cushion cover has gold printed detailing on the front with the leaves and text. Hidden zip at the back. A sumptuous cushion cover that will bring a touch of Fiji glamour to your home or yacht.

This unique and exotic Fiji inspired Custom Printed Cushion cover is 100% Fijian Designed and Made.


Crafter/ArtisanSonam Designs
DesignPurple/Blue luxurious material with gold leaves and text 'Fiji Islander'. Hidden zip at the back. Hidden zip at the back. Custom Print Designed by Sonam Sapra
DetailsFiji Islander Cushion Cover
Size16"x16" square when measured flat. With in-built zip