Bulaccino Fiji honey produced on our organic farm in Namaka, Nadi

Bulaccino Raw Organic Honey



We have our own bee hives on the Bulaccino Organic Farm and produce delicious, raw Fiji-made honey.

Some interesting facts about pure organic honey are that it soothes coughs, boosts your memory, can be used to treat open wounds, can relieve seasonal allergies, it kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria, cleans your skin if applied (pimples and acne), it is great workout fuel, resolves scalp problems and dandruff, it is an instant relief for sunburn and it even helps metabolise alcohol!!

Our Bees love tending to our crops. They make our fruits sweeter and our veggies taste better. They work so hard to keep our farm going and make delicious organic honey full of goodness.


Size700g /500ml bottle
IngredientsPure raw, organic Fiji honey