Fiji Happy Birthday Balloon with name delivered in Fiji. Bubble Balloon with 6 mini balloons inside, choose the colours. Shop online at My Fiji Store


Birthday Bubble Balloon with Name



Custom Birthday Bubble Balloon with 6 mini balloons inside. Can do milestone Birthday ages or normal ages with the person's name, e.g. with the writing 'Happy 50th Birthday Anna' in gold on the balloon. The Bubble Balloon is 24" in size, air filled and comes on a stick.

For the 6 mini-balloons inside the Bubble Balloon, pick from gold, silver, black, white, blue, pink, yellow, red, purple or turquoise. You can pick 6 different colours, all the same or a selection of colours. Please check with us for your colours/theme by emailing us.

Delivered in Fiji only. Takes 2/3 working days for Fiji Gift Deliveries as the balloons are made to order and we need time to organise.

Please select your delivery location in the 'Shipping options' section to ensure the correct delivery service is selected. E.g. for Suva deliveries, select 'Suva Courier Delivery'. We cannot organise delivery unless we receive the correct shipping option for the delivery location. You can email us if you are unsure of the delivery address and which shipping option to select.

Bubble balloon contains:

  • 24" Bubble Balloon, air filled, with 6 mini-balloons inside
  • Custom name and age to go with the 'Happy Birthday' text in gold, please specify in the Cart. E.g. 'Happy 50th Birthday Anna'.
  • For the 6 mini balloons, let us know your colours in the Cart
  • Ribbon will be matched to the colours picked for the mini-balloons/li>