Beach at sunset by Epi Dakua Fiji

Beach at sunset



This is one of Epi's favourite pieces. He loves going to Wailoaloa beach in Nadi, to watch the sunset. This piece came into being almost on its own "it just came out of my fingers, onto the brush and onto the canvas". 

It's a beautiful Fijian sunset, how Epi wishes it would look in his village. Epi is from the eastern side of Viti Levu, from Veidrala village in the Ra province. Epi says "I wish it would look like this in my village. The village is right on the beach; i wish that one day the sun would set in the East just so that i could see the sunset in my village like it is in this painting." 


Crafter/ArtisanEpi Dakua
TitleBeach at Sunset
Artwork typePainting
MediumAcrylics on Pakko fabric board, hand painted
Dimensions24 x 12 inches (2 feet wide by 1 foot tall), 60.96cm wide x 30.48cm high
CopyrightAll images and text © Epi Dakua