Fiji Virgin Coconut Oil - raw, organic, cold-pressed & hand-made. Perfectly clear

Virgin Coconut Oil



Completely natural, organic, cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil from Fiji’s Batiki Island. Bula Batiki raw coconut oil is hand-made using 6 of Batiki’s finest coconuts in each jar - so pure you can eat it! Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, Gluten-free. 

The sign of a great organic coconut oil is when it goes crystal clear with temperatures above 24°C like ours does.

Bula Batiki cold-pressed coconut oil is hand-made by the villagers of Batiki Island, not produced in a factory. Made from Batiki Island’s own naturally growing organic coconuts and 'Organic Pasifika' certified. NOTHING added or taken away.

We add a little tag to each jar with the name of the Fijian family and village that produced it so that you can see how personal it is to us, and exactly who you're supporting by buying Bula Batiki Coconut Oil. We’re the only organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil in the world that can be traced this way!

Batiki Island is nestled in the centre of Fiji’s Lomaiviti Archipelago, surrounded by its tropical neighbours: Ovalau, Wakaya, Gau, Koro, Nairai and many other islands and islets!

Raw, organic and cold-pressed keeping all of its natural coconut goodness. Hand-made by villagers from Batiki Island.

Gluten, lactose and cholesterol free. Produced on an Island free from pollution or fumes.

Why use organic coconut oil

Organic coconut oil is incredibly healthy; filled with good fats, and none of the bad ones. It contains antioxidants, medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) and vitamins. Perfect for cooking, adding to tea/coffee/smoothies, using in beauty treatments and many more.

For natural beauty, slather on to your hair and skin for wonderful hydration, use as a make-up remover or in ‘oil pulling’ to improve oral health.

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About Bula Batiki

Bula Batiki was created in order to provide a sustainable income for Batiki Island, Fiji, and to implement projects aimed at developing education, healthcare and housing standards within its remote community.

We are a non-profit organisation and 100% of our profits are being reinvested back into the island community.


Crafter/ArtisanBula Batiki
Ingredients100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. 6 cold-pressed coconuts from Batiki island in Fiji's Lomaiviti group, hand-made by villagers
Nutritional FactsPer 100g: Energy 3691 KJ/ 898 KCAL, Fat 99.7g, of which Saturates 89.64g, Carbohydrates 0.1g, of which Sugars 0.1g, Fibre <0.05g, Protein 0.15g, Salt 0.58mg
Health BenefitsAids with digestion, improves bone health, strengthens the immune system, prevents wrinkles & skin dryness. Boasts anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal & anti-microbial properties. Studies show it heals damaged cells
PackagingGlass jar with tag showing which Fijian family & village the oil was hand-made in
Free FromGluten, Lactose & Cholesterol
Vegan & VegetarianMade from organic Batiki coconuts, this virgin coconut oil is suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

Extra details

Fiji Bula Batiki Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Organic Pasifika certified