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Virgin Coconut Oil

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This "first press" Virgin Coconut Oil is sourced from a tropical island paradise in the Lau Group of the Fiji Islands - the Bavatu Plantation.

"What makes this Virgin Coconut Oil so special", you might ask? It's the outstanding quality of it, which can be seen in the beautiful coconut aroma, the light texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, the results from using the oil and the feedback we get from those who try it. Smooth, clear skin which glows with health and vitality

Maybe it's because Bavatu Plantation coconuts grow in the Fijian sun, carefully tended to by Fijians who are proven to be the happiest people on earth. Maybe it's the fertile lands, or the relaxed Fiji Time which creates a no stress environment. Maybe it's the breath-taking beauty of Fiji which is somehow infused with magic. Or maybe it's down to the cold hand-pressing of freshly harvested Bavatu Plantation coconuts and the state-of-the-art DME that is used to produce the oil.

At any rate, this Virgin Coconut Oil is the best we've tried, across Fiji and beyond. We've even compared it to VCO from the Philippines which is one of the largest VCO producers in the industry, and Bavatu Plantation came out on top. You can find sweeter smelling VCOs, but these can be overpowering. You can find thicker consistency oils, but these don't absorb so well. And you can find lack-lustre, lower quality oils, which just don't give you the results of healthy glowing skin.

We can honestly say that we've tried several Virgin Coconut Oil's and this is the one we picked for myFijiStore as it's the best of the best.

In addition, we've cooked with this oil and it tastes delicious in recipes such as carrot cake (a guilty pleasure!), curries and even in green tea as a boost for the immune system. There's no doubt that Virgin Coconut Oil has many benefits for both your beauty routine and for cooking, the only question is if you want to try the best Virgin Coconut Oil that's available.

Customer Review

"After countless moisturisers and exfoliating scrubs I had almost given up on treating my dry skin. Then I discovered coconut oil. After watching the Fijian ladies …. and even Fijian men rub this oil into their skin and hair as a daily ritual. I had to try it for myself. I choose Virgin Coconut Oil as I believe is something is so popular then it should be taken right from the source. Within 2 weeks of daily treatment I would say my dry skin is 50% repaired. My only criticism in there wasn’t more in the bottle."

Nicole Burdfield, Australia

Bavatu Plantation

Bavatu Plantation coconut oil is a 100% purely organic, virgin cold-pressed coconut oil. It is produced on the Bavatu Estate in the Lau Group of Fiji. A Direct Micro Expelling unit (DME) is used to extract all the goodness out of the Bavatu coconuts– with no refining, bleaching, deodorising or added chemicals.

It is a wonderfully pure Coconut Oil, made in Fiji using only the finest Fijian coconuts. Light and non-greasy, this VCO is one of our favourite myFijiStore treasures because it feels lovely on the skin, has a wonderful aroma and so many health benefits. It's perfect as a 100% natural night oil to give skin a treat; simply apply and leave on overnight to benefit from smooth, well-hydrated skin that glows with vitality.

Labour of love

100% Equitable: Every bottle of BAVATU coconut oil is a labour of love. It is a philosophy encouraged by the property owners, and ensures that a high ethics and high respect policy is accorded to every person involved in the process. Any profits earned from the coconut oil are invested back into its slowly expanding family of staff members (some of whom have lived there before the current owners) by ensuring they are paid honest and fair wages.

'Sometime Store'

It also provides a grocery store at subsidised prices (ironically called the 'Sometime Store' as it is sometimes open and sometimes closed) which the staff manage themselves; ensures that adequate housing is available for each
family; as well as proper medical access, school fee's, books and transport to the school in Mavana for all the estate children.


Crafter/ArtisanBavatu Plantation
IngredientsOnly one ingredient - Fijian Coconuts! Cold-pressed coconuts from the Bavatu Plantation, Fiji islands
Health BenefitsAids with digestion, improves bone health, strengthens the immune system, prevents wrinkles & skin dryness. Boasts anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal & anti-microbial properties. Studies show it heals damaged cells
PackagingRecycled glass bottle

Extra details

The Bavatu Plantation

Bavatu Plantation in the Lau Group of islands, Fiji


Perched in a remote corner of the Fijian archipelago is ‘Bavatu’, an 800 acre private estate and copra plantation of surreal beauty. Surrounded by a multitude
of turquoise coloured bays and lagoons, 'Bavatu' (meaning rock) is situated on the northern tip of Vanua Balavu Island, the main landmass in a collective of islands within a vast lagoon known as The Exploring Isles.

Bavatu Plantation Virgin Coconut Oil - where the magic happens


Steeped in history, the property to this day remains one of the last surviving copra plantations reminiscent of Fiji’s colonial era. Once owned by Ma’afu – the powerful Tongan war lord and Tui Lau (King of Lau) back in 1870, the property has since been owned by several prominent owners including WW1 fighter ace - Commander Malley and the Hon. Kenneth Allardyce - Secretary of Native Affairs in 1916.

Bavatu Plantation islands and isletsPurchased in 1982 by a consortium of local Fiji businessmen & friends, the property has a permanent live in staff who maintain the various amenities.

Bavatu Plantation Coconut trees

With copra becoming a less than viable commercial industry over the years, Bavatu has turned towards finding alternative uses for its coconuts in order to sustain itself and its staff.

The Process

The Fijian coconuts that go into every bottle of Bavatu Plantation are first collected from all over the vast property. Each coconut is husked by hand and grated with an electric spinning grinder running of a small generator.

Bavatu Plantation Virgin Coconuts being grated


The grated coconuts are then scattered evenly for drying on top of an immaculate stainless steel plate heated at a maximum temperature of 50° C. The heating furnace is fueled with recycled coconut husks and shells.

Bavatu Plantation VCO coconuts being dried before hand-pressing

Once dry enough, the grated coconut flesh is then packed into long stainless steel tubes and taken to the Direct Micro Expelling unit (DME) press where 'first press' coconut oil is pressed out by hand.

Bavatu Plantation VCO - coconuts being hand-pressed

The oil is then left to settle for a month, filtered, and bottled by staff. The expelled cylinders of dry coconut are saved, soaked in water, and given to the pigs as food. Nothing is wasted.

This gives us our beautifully pure Virgin Coconut Oil, made in Fiji using only the best Fijian Coconuts from the Bavatu Plantation

Bavatu Plantation Virgin Coconut Oil