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Vanua Clay Fiji is a family business run by husband-and-wife team Taito and Lavenia. They bring their designs to life using the medium of pottery.

The business started when three family members who were working for an Arts and Crafts business in Nadi were about to be laid off due to the business being sold. The brothers decided to pool their resources to buy the equipment from the Arts and Crafts organization, to nurture the skills and knowledge already acquired and to continue the clay making business to keep the family employed. Hence the birth of Vanua Clay Fiji.

Tai is from Matuku island in the Lau Group of Fiji, a remote group right on the eastern edge. There are no schools on the island, so everyone moves to Viti Levu for education. There are many trips back to the village in Lau, where Tai spends most of his time in the water, freediving and catching fish for his family. Tai takes much of his inspiration from his freediving trips, which can be seen in the Vanua Clay Pottery collection – an array of beautiful pottery inspired by Fiji.


"I love to create, and to me, the ultimate freedom of expression is a blank canvas or a block of clay to capture whatever emotions your imagination gives it" - Daniel Boulud.

Three types of soils are acquired from different areas of Viti Levu, this is then weighed and processing starts. The mixed soil is sieved twice to remove unwanted elements, then dried and packed ready for use.

The clay is worked on, rolled out and cut and stamped according to the logos or designs requested by the different companies.

All pieces are left to dry out, drilled if necessary for the design, and oxide applied. Each piece is hand-made, baked at 1000°C in a gas kiln – which means the pottery can easily be taken through customs.

Some of the myFijiStore favourites are the unique fish candle holder and the fish soap holder – both fun pieces that will brighten up your home!

Taito and Lavenia of Vanua Clay Fiji

About: Taito and Lavenia

Vanua Clay Fiji is a family business run by husband-and-wife team Taito and Lavenia. They live in Nadi and have recently opened a new studio, where they and their family work on the clay pieces.

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