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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

2016 Mother's Day Gift Guide image showing Fijian scenery - main image

If you can’t take mum to paradise this Mother’s Day then why not take a touch of paradise to her? We get one chance a year to spoil Mum and show our love and appreciation for all the good that Mum has done for us so getting her something extra special is a must!  With so many lovely products to choose from we have made a quick and easy gift guide for you. It features a few products that are unique and rare - they would be a perfect alternative from a box of chocolates and card from the supermarket as a gift this Mother’s Day. Something that will stand out and be remembered!

Check out a few of the ideas:

  1. Virgin Coconut Oil by Bavatu Plantation

    Fijian Virgin Coconut Oil by Bavatu Plantation

    Produced on a beautiful 800 acre private estate surrounded by a multitude of turquoise coloured bays and lagoons, Bavatu Plantation produces some of the world’s most pure and organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Mum will love this as a gift with many uses including keeping skin beautiful. VCO is a natural moisturiser which helps prevent wrinkles and skin dryness, giving a healthy glow that the women of the Pacific are known for. Being organic and chemical free means she can add it to her morning smoothie or use as a cooking oil, for an extra boost of nutrients and general top-up for a healthy immune system.

  2. Anti-aging Papaya & Cocoa Butter Soap SeaStarz Naturals Papaya & Cocoa Butter soap

    Anti-aging Papaya & Cocoa Butter Soap, made from essential oils of Patchouli, Grapefruit and Amyris is an all-natural hand-made soap, meaning Mum’s skin gets an all-natural treat with no nasty chemicals. Fijian Papaya is some of the best in the world, and its used in this soap for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as high quantities of Vitamins A and C

  3. Seascape Necklace by Hot Glass Fiji

    Lovingly crafted from recycled glass in the same hues and blues of the sparkling Fiji waters, this would be a welcome treat to Mum’s jewellery collection.

  4. Pineapple Lickety-Split Bag by RagBags

    RagBags Fiji Pineapple Lickety Split Bag

    If you’re on the lookout for a unique one-of-a-kind gift for Mum, this funky Pineapple Lickety-Split Bag would be perfect. RagBags produce a range of upcycled handmade bags, made from previously loved items, they combined island vibes with stylish ingenuity.



  5. Christmas Island Seasalt Nib Chocolate by Fijiana Cacao

    Fijiana Cacao Christmas Island Seasalt Nib Chocolate

    Whose Mum doesn’t love the gift of chocolate on a special occasion? Made from organically grown premium cacao beans, this delightful Christmas Island Seasalt Nib chocolate makes for a deliciously special gift. If Mum prefers a richer taste, we stock a range of 8 different flavours including an 81% Pure Dark chocolate bar.



  6. Mother of Pearl double moon earrings

    Rako Pasefika Fijian Mother of Pearl earrings

    Jewellery is always a great option when choosing a gift for Mum. Sourced from the North of Fiji these double moon earrings are made out of Mother of Pearl shells which are ground from their raw state, polished and cut to their final beautiful shape. Each earring features a larger moon and a small moon, creating the 'double moon' earring.


  7. Hand-made Coffee Glory Scrub by SeaStarz Naturals

    How about an exfoliating, rejuvenating, moisturizing Coffee Scrub & Mask made with essential oils, brown sugar, cocoa and spices. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, making skin smooth and bright. Brown sugar gives younger, fresher looking skin. Cocoa is rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote health and beauty. VCO is richly nourishing. This Fijian Coffee Scrub has all natural properties to rejuvenate and keep Mum’s skin glowing all day long!

  8. Birds of Paradise Greeting Card by Sigavou Studios

    No gift is complete without a lovely card to match. We have a range of cards that would be perfect for Mum, with the Birds of Paradise Greeting Card being a favourite which is painted in the bright vibrant colours we in Fiji love!

Mother’s Day is only 5 days away, please be sure to order before Thursday 5th of May to ensure delivery in time.

Wishing Mum a Happy Mother’s Day for 2016 from all of us at myFijiStore!