About us

Based in Fiji, we are gift store
dedicated to bringing you the best gifts from the Fiji Islands!

We are passionate about working with local Crafters to source unique and wonderful gifts, all with a Fijian twist. By working with local Crafters and promoting them on myFijiStore, we create a way for them to reach international customers - something they were not able to do before. 

When you buy from myFijiStore, you're supporting Fijian Crafters & Artisans and helping them to grow their businesses. That's pretty awesome!

Not only that, our gifts are fabulous! Have a look and see what you think.  

Our natural beauty range uses fresh Fijian ingredients such as Papaya, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Water, Brown Sugar, Honey, Cocoa, plus home-grown Aloe Vera and Loofah plants. Hand-made and combined with Essential Oils, this is a natural treat for your skin.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil, sourced from a lush coconut plantation in the Lau Group of Fiji is pure, cold-pressed by hand and smells amazing! Grown in the Fijian sun and packed full of health benefits.

Our luxury Chocolate range comes from Cocoa plantations all over Fiji, supporting Fijian Cocoa farmers and producing some truly delicious chocolate. Do you know how cocoa beans first came to Fiji? It's a great story, you can find out on our Fijiana Cacao page.

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Brimming with talent! Skills and natural resources are abundant all over the country. We have found great gifts in Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and the Lau Group, and are looking to bring you even more. Take a look at the map to see where our gifts are sourced from:
myFijiStore map of the Fiji Islands
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What we do

We specialise in e-commerce of quality Fijian products. We source, market and sell only the best Fijian-made products, and deliver them to you wherever you are.

myFijiStore is the first platform of its kind in the Pacific, providing the means for international trade. We utilise cutting-edge technology to open up the e-commerce marketplace to our suppliers and customers.

myFijiStore products are hand-picked and tested by us to ensure quality, before we decide that they truly are the best of Fiji. We believe in our products and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

myFijiStore Crafters and Artisans

myFijiStore has found talented Crafters and Artisans who create exceptional gifts in the heart of the Pacific. They each have a unique story, with the funds generated by the sale of gifts supporting them and their businesses, as well as their local communities and allowing trade development.

One of the most enjoyable things for the team at myFijiStore is that we get to work with these talented Crafters and Artisans to bring you gifts that we are proud of. Find out more here...

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Business development within Fiji

Business development and consultation is a key aspect of myFijiStore. We are fortunate to work with some established brands who already have a good market presence, but a big part of what we do is to work with smaller companies who are not yet established.

We work closely with our Crafters and Artisans to help them to work on branding, packaging, PR and Marketing and Sales, as well as ensuring a strong focus on quality and customer service in all aspects of their business.

Many of the smaller brands have wonderful products and experience of working in the domestic market, however the international market requires specialist skills and knowledge which we provide throughout our collaboration.

“What are you waiting for?
Discover your own piece of
Fijian paradise!”
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Jetty view from the beach with sand and tropical trees

Fijian Culture

myFijiStore embodies many Fijian values as part of our company culture. Fijians are known for their generous, sharing nature, warmth and strong family values. From a ‘Bula’ smile to a ‘Vinaka’, the myFijiStore spirit is about creating and growing a community of entrepreneurs who support each other.

The myFijiStore community shares the best of what Fiji has to offer, working together to develop an outstanding brand of Fijian gifts to be enjoyed the world over.

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Come visit the Fiji Islands!

If you like what you see then come visit us! There are many things to do in Fiji, from enjoying the beaches and the tropical waters, to hiking the interior, exploring the Coral Coast, learning about the culture, sampling Fijian food, enjoying some nature and tranquillity, pampering and fine-dining in the 5 star restaurants and resorts or trying the simpler life and exploring Fiji's many islands.

There is much on offer, from the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, close to Nadi, to the outer islands which get fewer visitors as they are a bit more remote. For the more adventurous, the outer islands are well worth a visit to discover a side to Fiji enjoyed by only a lucky few!

Find out more on the Tourism Fiji official website. If you're ready to book your flights, have a look at Fiji's national carrier Fiji Airways who offer great domestic flights as well. Ferries and buses are a lovely way to get around Fiji and a great-value option if you want to try life as a local. Just make sure you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the journey if taking public transport.

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